Business Development Division
Gus R. Douglass Agricultural Center
217 Gus R Douglass Lane
Building 2, 2nd Floor
Charleston, WV 25312

Phone: 304-558-2210
Fax: 304-558-2270

Federal-State Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Service
145 Pilgrim Street
Inwood, WV 25428

Moorefield Field Office
60B Industrial Drive
Moorefield, WV 26836

Oak Hill Field Office
226 Maple Avenue
Oak Hill, WV 25901


Cassey Bowden
Division Director

​Elizabeth Southern
Assistant Director of Marketing
304 550-3620

Mary Dickerson
Assistant Director of BD & Veterans
304 380-4657

Leslie Boggess
Assistant Director of Programs

Nathan Bergdoll
Planning Coordinator
304-703-5575 (Cell)
Moorefield Field Office

John Harless
Vets to Agriculture Temp

Zachary Perry
Horticulturist/High Tunnel Specialist
304-208-8400 (Office)

Buddy Davidson
Outreach Specialist
304-382-4948 (Cell)

Amanda Kittel
Administrative Assistant

Derek Richard
Agriculture Inspector Supervisor
Inwood Field Office

Lacy Davidson-Ferguson
Planning Coordinator
304-546-7930 (Cell)

Georgia Luke
Marketing Specialist
304-400-9719 (Cell)

Patty Sine
Administrative Assistant
Inwood Field Office

Dane Gaiser
Vets to Agriculture Program Coordinator
304-932-7454 (Cell)

Jeff Most
Agriculture Inspector Supervisor
Inwood Field Office

Monica Schwab
Project Coordinator Vets to Agriculture
304-206-7071 (Cell)

Kacey Gantzer
Planning Coordinator
304-546-9167 (Cell)

Bruce Murphy
Special Projects Coordinator Vets to Agriculture
304-993-8173 (Cell)

Connie Tolley
Executive Assistant

Maggie Parsons
Marketing Specialist – Agritourism
304-558-2210 (Office)
681-319-7966 (Cell)

Ashley Amos
Planning Coordinator
304-807-6019 (Cell)