West Virginia has a very active apiary industry! West Virginia State Code mandates that all beekeepers be registered with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. This service is free and forms are mailed to beekeepers in July of each year. Forms are maintained by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.

West Virginia is one of the first states to establish best management practices for the apiary industry and has adopted labeling and Country of Origin Rules as well.


West Virginia Apiary Act WV Code 19-13-1
West Virginia Honeybee Best Management Practices Title 61-2-4

Legislative Rule Honey Labelling Title 61-2A


Annual Application for Apiary Registration (Printable Form)
Apiary Inspection and Certification Report
WV Entry Requirement for Bees and Used Equipment
WV Application for Entry Requirements for Bees and Used Equipment

The WVDA apiary staff work hand in hand with beekeepers to assist them in keeping their hives disease free. Inspection services are provided for disease issues as as well as interstate movement of bees to other states for both sale and for purposes of crop pollination.

Honey Bees and the Veterinary Feed Directive

West Virginia Pollinator Protection Plan
Bee Management Chart
Recomended References for Beekeepers

Beekeeping in West Virginia

Young Beekeepers Coloring Book

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Apiary Staff

Shanda King
State Apiarist