Looking for fresh, tasty and locally-grown food? You don’t have far to go in West Virginia. Just find a farmers’ market in your area. With more than 100 markets across the state, eating WV-grown food is a healthy and affordable option.

From the year-round, indoor/outdoor Capitol Market in Charleston to seasonal markets in small towns like Williamson and Kingwood, West Virginians can purchase food that comes from producers in their communities.

In the spring, you’ll find ramps, just-picked strawberries and microgreens. In the summer, staples like corn, green beans, peppers and tomatoes take center stage. In the fall, winter squash, apples, eggplant and sweet potatoes are abundant. Value-added products like maple sugar, dill pickles and honey can be found year-round on store shelves.

West Virginia’s farmers’ markets are growing in size and number. For a list of farmers’ markets across the state, click here.