The West Virginia Department of Agriculture Communication’s Divisions offers a variety of booklets and pamphlets on subjects like cooking, canning, beekeeping, gardening, edible plants and more. You’ll find your favorites like Cast Iron Cooking and Container Gardening and new favorites like What’s Cookin’ 2020. You can now print out the booklets on your own computer using this website. All you need to do is click and print on the tabs below.

Apples – Consumer Guide with Recipes

Beekeeping in West Virginia

Beginning a Backyard Orchard

Cast Iron Cookbook I

Cast Iron Cookbook II

Common Snakes of West Virginia

Container Gardening

Cooking with Cornmeal

Cooking with West Virginia Honey

Edible Wild Plants

Equine Management Handbook


Growing Grapes

Herbs a Culinary Guide

How to Prune Young and Bearing Apple Trees

Mid-Summer Wildflowers

Moles and Their Control

Old Fashioned Cookbook

Poison Ivy Brochure

Poisonous Plants Book

Safe Food Handling

Shell Egg Brochure

Some Common Household Insects


Spring Wildflowers

Starting a Home Vegetable Garden

Successful Home Canning

The Periodical Cicada

Trees of West Virginia

Useful Info for Farm & Home

West Virginia Ferns

What's Cookin' 2018

What's Cookin' 2019

What's Cookin' 2020

Young Beekeepers Coloring Book

Your Career Opportunities In Agriculture