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Business Development

What We Do

The Agriculture Business Development Division promotes West Virginia Grown products to consumers. It also provides training and other resources that help producers maximize their productivity and profits. The division also houses the Food Distribution Program, which delivers food to county school systems and agencies that serve low-income families. The division also oversees 10,000 acres of state-owned lands that are used to grow food for state institutions and provide training and agricultural development programs.

What's Going On

It’s time to go to the Farmers’ Market! Did you know you can sell your homemade jams, jellies, cookies, cakes, pies and bread that you make in your home kitchen at farmers’ markets? But first, you need to have a label approved from the WVDA Business Development Division. There’s a West Virginia Farmers’ Market Vendors Guide that explains more about the four basic labeling requirements.  Contact the Business Development Divsion at 304-558-2210 or productlabeling@wvda.us for more details and a copy of the guide.  
Fruit and vegetable stands at a West Virginia farmers' market
More and more West Virginians are turning to farmers’ markets for their fresh produce and meats. Seniors are getting some help purchasing those products with vouchers from the Sr. Farmers’ Market Program.

Prize winning ham, bacon and eggs at the annual FFA show.
West Virginia Grown labels are placed on products that meet WVDA standards.
A greenhouse full of poinsettias during the holiday season