Headquartered in Inwood, West Virginia, WVDA's Fruit and Vegetable staff are responsible for inspecting and grading primarily fruit for quality. Staff members issue certificates of USDA quality for domestic fruit shipments and issue export certificates. Throughout the year, the staff inspects an average of 2 million pounds.
GHP/GAP Audits

The Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Supervisor also operates under a USDA cooperative agreement to perform GAP Audits for West Virginia farmers/producers. This third party audit is required by some wholesalers, hospitals, retail grocery chains, higher education institutions, and others to guarantee the highest degree of food safety and traceability.

To obtain a GAP audit participants must complete a GAP training class and prepare a Farm Safety Plan. Audit charges are issued by an hourly rate.

To schedule a GAP audit or for further information, contact Derek Richard at 304-229-5828 ext 7550.