2022 West Virginia Maple Syrup Production Numbers Released

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) has released the 2022 maple syrup production numbers for the State. Production totaled 13,000 gallons in 2022, unchanged from the previous year. The number of taps, 77,000, and yield per tap, 0.169 gallons, were unchanged as well. On average, the maple syrup season opened on February 6 and closed on March 12, with the average season length coming in at 34 days. The first date of recorded sap collection was January 10 and the last day was April 20.

“Weather remains a key factor for how successful our maple seasons end up. If it is too warm, it can severely hinder the sap’s flow resulting in lower production levels,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. “We are happy to see continued syrup production from our producers. Their effort helps us reach our goal of making West Virginia a cornucopia of specialty products.”

The average price per gallon was $47.70 in 2021, up from $30.20 per gallon in 2020. Bulk prices in 2021 were $2.50 per pound, up from $1.90 per pound in 2020, and $27.60 per gallon, up from $21.00 per gallon the previous year. Percent of sales by type in 2021 was 50% bulk, 41% retail and 9% wholesale.

United States maple syrup production in 2022 totaled 5.03 million gallons, up 35% from the previous season. The number of taps totaled 14.3 million and yield per tap was 0.352 gallon. On average, the season lasted 34 days, compared with 27 days in 2021. The 2021 United States average price per gallon was $35.90, up $3.90 from 2020. Value of production came in at $134 million for 2021.

  Gallon 1/2 Gallon Quart Pint 1/2 Pint
2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021


50.00 44.20 30.40 26.00 16.80 16.00 10.00 10.10 8.00 5.80
Wholesale 72.90 38.30 22.10 19.90 13.10 12.90 7.70 7.40 4.60 4.70

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture protects plant, animal and human health through a variety of scientific, regulatory and consumer protection programs. The Commissioner of Agriculture is one of six statewide elected officials who sits on the Board of Public Works.