Commissioner Leonhardt Calls on Farmers to Utilize Farm-to-Food Bank Tax Credit

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt is encouraging farmers to consider donating agricultural products under the West Virginia’s Farm-to-Food Bank Tax Credit. Passed in 2017, producers who wish to donate fresh, healthy agricultural products to local food banks can earn a tax credit up to $2,500. The credit can be used against personal income tax or corporation net income tax, but not both.

“Each year, the state allocates $200,000 for the Farm-to-Food Bank Tax Credit, but only a handful of producers take advantage of the program. We need more farmers to step up to the challenge by donating to West Virginia food banks,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. “Especially during a pandemic, we all need to do our part to help our neighbors.”

The credit is equal to 30% of the value of the donated edible agricultural products to one or more nonprofit food programs in the state. To apply for the credit, a farmer must submit a donation form to the West Virginia Department of Agriculture for verification. That form must be included in taxpayer’s tax return to receive the credit.

An application for the tax credit cant be found:

For more information, contact Susan Baxter at 304-558-2221 or

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture protects plant, animal and human health through a variety of scientific, regulatory and consumer protection programs. The Commissioner of Agriculture is one of six statewide elected officials who sits on the Board of Public Works.