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Certification and Licensing

Administers examinations and approves continuing education programs to ensure that pesticide applicators are competent to follow prescribed pest control practices. For specific information on the application process, see the "Links" below. Telephone: 304-558-2209

 A WVDA continuing education class

ppowell@wvda.us, Dr. Peggy Powell, Certification Supervisor, recertification program approval
acunningham@wvda.us, Angela Cunningham, Certification Assistant, examination & study materials
jshivley@wvda.us, Jennifer Shivley, Compliance Assistance Specialist, precertification training
kdarco@wvda.us, Kimberly D`Arco, Registration & Licensing Specialist, private applicator certification

Notice on Behalf of State Treasurer’s Office
All fees must be paid in US funds drawn from a US Bank, unless the registrant includes an additional $35.00 to cover the WV Treasurer Office handling cost for processing a foreign check. All returned checks will be subject to a $15.00 banking service fee.

Application for Examination
Certification of Insurance
Registered Technician Application
Employee Termination Notice
Registry of Pesticide Hypersensitive Individuals Applications

Pesticide Control Act of 1990 19-16A
Fee Structure 61-12
Certified Pesticide Applicator Rules 61-12A
Licensing of Pesticide Businesses 61-12B
Wood Destroying Insect Treatment Standards 61-12C
Aerial Application of Herbicides 61-12D
Hypersensensitivity Registry 61-12E

Licensing Requirements
Exam Locations
Recertifcation Guidelines
Registered Technician Training Program Information
Registered Technician Guidelines