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 Deadline to be Included in West Virginia Grown Directory December 13


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia food production companies who want to be listed in the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s (WVDA) new West Virginia Grown directory must apply to become a member of the program by Friday, Dec. 13. The publication will feature West Virginia grown members’ stories and the products they produce. The directory is set to be published in March of 2020.


“One of our goals for the West Virginia Grown program has been to produce a yearly publication highlighting all of the members. In order to do so, our staff has been working on garnering more members since the beginning of this year,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. “It is time we show all of the great things these producers are doing”


Although companies can apply for WV Grown status any time, they must meet the deadline to be included in the 2020 printed directory. Members of the program can use the WV Grown logo and are included in WVDA marketing and business reference activities.


To qualify, products must be made in West Virginia or have at least 50 percent of their value added within the state. They must also have WVDA-reviewed labels and meet other routine regulatory requirements. There’s no cost to join.


“Moving forward, the directory will be our go-to publication when folks ask us for information on local producers. Since there’s no membership fee, there’s no reason for a producer to miss this opportunity. We encourage everyone to sign up,” Leonhardt said.


For more information, call 304-558-2210 or click https://agriculture.wv.gov/divisions/marketinganddevelopment/Pages/WV-Grown-Program.aspx.

Contact Information

Crescent Gallagher, Communications Director cgallagher@wvda.us, 304-558-3708 or 304-380-3922