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Produce Safety at Farmers Markets
More than 90 farmers markets dot the West Virginia landscape giving growers and farmers the opportunity to directly sell their products and support local economies. This marketplace provides the perfect “farm to table” experience for customers and a great setting for growers to begin and develop their produce distribution channel. Whether you are growing for your neighbor’s dinner or meeting with potential new buyers such as the local restaurant, food safety should be an important component of your sales strategy. Use the following links to explore the rules, regulations and requirement for each of your products you plan on selling at your market.
  • For Produce sales:
    • Make sure you have completed your affidavits if you are except or qualified exemption from the Produce Safety Rule (PSR). Unsure, follow this decision tree to determine which form you need to complete and see worksheet and form links above under the Produce section.
    • Make sure your market is registered as an allowable direct sales venue for your products. Information about the market and individual vendor requirements can be found here.
    • Take advantage of the free poster available from WVDA stating your name and address; not only will you be fulfilling an FDA requirement, you will encourage your customers to contact you for future sales. Email produce@wvda.us to get your copy.
    • For information about your value-added foods at the market (i.e. salsas), refer to the West Virginia Farmers Market Vendor Guide
    • Questions? Feel free to email us at produce@wvda.us for additional information and required actions for successful sales at the market.

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