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Veterinarian Feed Directive (VFD)
New FDA Rule to take Effect on January 1, 2017
            In June 2015 the Food and Drug Administration published a final rule that revised the VFD regulations in 21 CFR 558.6 and changes to definitions in 21 CFR 558.3.  This guidance document includes revisions that are consistent with the requirements that make up the final rule for the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD).
            What is the VFD, and how does it affect the farmers in West Virginia?  VFD is a written (nonverbal) statement issued by a licensed veterinarian for the use of a VFD drug or combination VFD drug in or on animal feeds.  This rule will change the way most West Virginia farmers, and farmers around the nation receive medicated feed and water soluble drugs.  You will no longer be able to go to your local feed store and purchase certain previous over the counter drugs and/or feed with certain drugs, but will now require a veterinarian to write a VFD to receive the certain medicated feed(s) or water soluble medications like but not limited to: chlortetracycline, penicillin, neomycin, or oxytetracycline, as well as several drugs used in free choice feeds.
            Producers (farmers) must obtain a VFD order from their veterinarian, then send or take, the VFD order to a feed manufacturer or supplier to get the VFD feed or water soluble drugs. Only feed for the animals listed on the VFD for the specific timeframe allowed for the VFD will be covered. Producers who manufacture their own feed must have a VFD in order to get the medicated VFD feed to manufacture. Producers who also manufacture feed for others should be aware they are acting as a distributor and additional requirements apply. 
            These changes will also require you to have a working relationship with a local veterinarian that is familiar with your farm and your animals.  If you do not currently have a veterinarian that you use on a regular basis, we recommend contacting one for a farm visit to familiarize him or her with your farm and animals. It is also a great time to make contact with your local feed mill or distributor to ensure they are aware of the new VFD rule and have signed up with the FDA to be able receive the VFD’s, as well as have the drugs available for purchase. This new rule will also require the veterinarian, producer, and distributor to keep written VFD’s for 2 years.  This will add another layer of paperwork for everyone and is a vast change from how we presently operate now. Additional time management, further animal husbandry with our animals, and added cooperation and communication with our local veterinarian is required. 
            For a complete list of the new VFD drugs or if you have questions, please contact your local veterinarian or contact the Food and Drug Administration at AskCVM@fda.hhs.gov; more information can be obtained at http://www.fda.ov/safefeed.

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