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Produce Safety

Many times, producers ask the question who falls under the new FSMA Produce Safety Rule? And to answer that, everyone who grows food for public consumption is subject to the Produce Safety Rule. BUT the rule is being phased in. In 2019, only farms (or other produce-related facilities) with annual food sales of more than $500,000 will be subject to inspection. Farms/facilities with lower annual sales will be suject to inspection in coming years.

There's one good, risk-free way to find out if your production practices comply with the Produce Safety Rule. Contact the WVDA for an On-Farm Readiness Review (OFRR). Knowledgeable WVDA staff will observe your facilities and procedures, answer your questions and make customized recommendations for your individual operation. The review will take approximately two hours and should be conducted as close to your harvest date as possible.

This program is a voluntary and non-regulatory assessment - not an inspection. The goal is the help individuals establish best practices and proper record-keeping to protect everyone from food-borne illnesses and to prepare the industry for futre inspections. Of course, if a situation poses a serious public health hazard, the reviewer will work with you to fix it immediately. The program is free of charge. Simply contact the WVDA as soon as practical to set up a date and time for your OFRR.