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The poultry industry is one of the main commodities in West Virginia’s agriculture production. In fact, poultry and egg sales accounted for 51% of all agricultural sales in West Virginia in 2018. To accommodate the needs of the poultry industry, our Environmental Programs section has a Poultry and Environmental Specialist on staff to provide outreach and education to the general public, poultry growers, poultry integrators, and government agencies. This includes answering questions regarding backyard flocks, commercial poultry, and the impacts of commercial agriculture production on the economy and the environment. 

There are two types of Avian Influenza, low pathogenic and high pathogenic. Of these two types, there are 144 total viruses that can affect poultry. For more information on avian Influenza click here.
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Biosecurity is a practice designed to prevent the spread of disease onto farms. It is accomplished by maintaining the facility in such a way that there is minimal traffic of biological organisms (viruses, bacteria, rodents, etc.) across its borders. Biosecurity is the cheapest, most effective means of disease control available. No disease prevention program will work without it.
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Contact:  Jerry Ours, Poultry and Environmental Specialist: jours@wvda.us, 304-538-2397