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Small Egg Producer

Small Egg Producers are exempt from paying permit and inspection fees. Small Egg Producers is any person marketing 150 dozen or less per week of his or her own production. Small producers will label their cartons with:
a. Name and address of responsible person or business producing and sell the eggs
b. The date the eggs are packed
c. The word “Ungraded Eggs” in print of at least 5/8 inch
d. Eggs being transported, stored or displayed for sale shall maintain above freezing at 45 degrees or less ambient. Refrigeration is not required for transportation of eggs when the period of transport is less than 3 hours
e. Cartons shall be clean and free of odor or debris
f. The term “fresh” may only be used when the eggs meet minimum requirements of Grade A or higher according to the standards set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture
g. Eggs shall not be below “U.S. Consumer Grade B”
For additional information review the WV Egg Marketing Law and Rule listed below.

Your local County Health Department may require a “Food Establishment Permit” to sell eggs at a farmers' market. Contact your county sanitarian for more information and any fees they may require.
Contact:     Dianna Graley, 304-558-2227  dgraley@wvda.us