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Potentially Hazordous
A Potentially Hazardous Food (PHF) is a food that requires time-temperature control to keep the food safe for human consumption. A PHF contains moisture (water activity > 0.850), protein and a pH between 4.6 and 7.5. OR are foods that require time-temperature control to keep them safe for human consumption. In general, foods with a water activity greater than 0.85, contain protein and/or are slightly acidic (a pH between 4.6 and 7.5)

A Potentially Hazardous Condiment is a spice or sauce that is added to food, typically, after cooking, to impart a specific flavor or complement a dish. This product will be acidified with a pH of 4.6 or below and water activity above 0.85. This product must have a process authority, and a WVDA Label Review. This product may require time and/or temperature control. Examples may include mustard, ketchup, horseradish, etc.

For potentially hazardous products to be sold at farmers markets in West Virginia, basic requirements must be followed to ensure the products are safely handled and prepared. An outline of this may be found on page 16, but requirements set forth in WV 61CSR38 include:

Letter of Process Authority:
A copy of the letter from a process authority must be supplied to the WVDA to sell certain potentially hazardous foods, such as sauces, salsas, fermented, and picked products. A list of these may be found at the link below.

List of Potentially Hazardous Foods

Certificate of attendance from a good manufacturing practices (GMP) or better process control school.

Label Review Certificate from the WVDA: Note the label requirements are listed in the WVDA Farmers Market Vendor Guide.

Farmers Market Vendor Permit:
All potentially hazardous foods that are prepared and sold for human consumption at WV farmers markets shall apply for and receive a WV Farmers Market Vendor permit, prior to the sale of the PHF.

Note: The above items must be completed prior to submission for the vendor permit along with the associated $35 annual fee.

Note: For any potentially hazardous food that requires a time or temperature control, if the vendor is using another agent for the sale of the TTC product, it is also the responsibility of the agent to ensure proper storage and handling temperatures are maintained.