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 West Virginia Department of Agriculture Announces Reduction in Vehicle Fleet


Charleston, W.Va. – Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhardt has announced a reduction in the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s (WVDA) vehicle fleet. As part of the overall efforts to get the state’s fleet under control, the WVDA will be reducing its fleet by 15 percent.
"Multiple audits have shown our state has issues when it comes to managing our vehicle fleet. My department will be doing its part to get this problem under control, immediately," said Commissioner Leonhardt. "In tough budgetary times, the government must do everything in its power to make sure tax payer dollars are being used efficiently."
The WVDA’s fleet currently sits at 150 vehicles which will be reduced to 127 vehicles under this reduction. The WVDA estimates the total value of the vehicles retired at $48,900 and can estimate a total cost savings of $21,000 a year.
"Other agencies are scouring their books to find savings and unnecessary waste. The WVDA will be doing the same as we look for ways to run the department more efficiently," stated WVDA Chief of Staff Norm Bailey. "Every penny and cow counts, and we will be counting all the cows."

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