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 Deadline for 2017 Census of Agricuture is February 5


Charleston, WV – The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) wants remind individuals the deadline to respond to the 2017 Census of Agriculture is drawing near. Producers have until Monday, February 5th to submit their form. The National Agriculture Statistical Service (NASS) sent out questionnaires to farmers back in December.
“Data tells a story. Collecting data from West Virginia producers gives them an opportunity to let their voices be heard,” said West Virginia State Statistician for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Charmaine Wilson. “One of the best avenues to be heard and tell the story of West Virginia agriculture is by responding to the census. If farmers don’t report, we don’t know who they are and what they’re producing. If producers aren’t being counted, producers aren’t being considered.”
Once the data is collected and compiled, it will be used by the USDA and the WVDA to accurately respond to agriculture needs in the Mountain State. Census results will be made available to the public.
“The goal is to capture a true picture of agriculture within West Virginia,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. "We have to make sure every West Virginia farmer is counted."
If you have any questions about the census or filling out the form, contact Charmaine Wilson at Charmaine.Wilson@nass.usda.gov. or call 304-357-5123.

Contact Information

Crescent Gallagher, Communications Director, cgallagher@wvda.us, 304-558-3708 or 304-380-3922